Love's Labors Last


Davis Enterprise
February 23, 1997

A deli(ghtful) duo

Kevin and Anne Marie Crilly of Zia's Delicatessen moved to Davis nearly six year ago with their three children.

They grew up amidst the fog, salt air and rolling hills of San Francisco, and met through Anne Marie's brother. In just a few months, they will celebrate their 20th anniversary together!

Anne Marie and Kevin agree that their business is definitely about family. Their business name, "zia," is taken from the italian word for "aunt."

"(many of) … my family members call me that," says Anne Marie.

Zia's opened in November 1995, after Kevin and Anne Marie left careers in the telecommunications and banking fields, respectively. Going into business together was something the couple had always talked about.

"I come from a family (in the food industry) … we were pretty much familiar with this type of business," says Anne Marie.

Both she and Kevin help behind the counter and in making sandwiches, but Anne Marie is head cook and keeps the books for the business.

"The reason I do the cooking is many of the recipes came from my grandmother," Anne Marie says.

Working together in the business has brought them closer together.

"We actually get along better. I hate to say it," Anne Marie says.

Working in close quarters has made them more sensitive to each other's needs.

© Excerpt from Davis Enterprise, February 23, 1997